MAGURA 5-year leak proof guarantee


MAGURA offer a Five-year leak proof guarantee for all MAGURA brake masters and brake Caliper/cylinders from the date of purchase, ans also must meet the following requirements:


     ¤ They are exclusively equipped with original MAGURA Spare Parts


     ¤ First-hand buyer.


      ●We point out that a warranty case can only be handled with an enclosed proof of  purchase.


Attention!! Parts, components and assemblies subject to normal wear and tear are not covered under warranty.

More about MAGURA warranty terms.


MAGURA one-year Limited warranty


Other than the terms above, all the MAGURA products provide one-year limited warranty under normsl usage, includes seatpost and related parts .


!! MAGURA warranty duration and laws may vary from state to state and/or country to country.


!! All rechargeable batteries are consumables and have limited lifespan-eventually their capacity and performance decline so that they need to be replaced, thus it is not covered under warranty.