1. MAGURA warranty service is provided for all MAGURA products purchased directly from MAGURA

    or from MAGURA authorized retailer/distributor.


     The Magura warranty service isn’t provided under the following circumstances,

      ► Samples: The samples provided for OEM/AM clients according to business      


      ► Freebies: The freebies given to clients/ users in business or marketing campaigns.


2.  MAGURA warranty service don’t extend to products purchased from discount website/third party

     or another seller includes second hands.


3. The Distributor/Retailer/Buyer (hereinafter referred to as A) shall notify us of the  defects in writing

    within 7 calendar days upon receipt of their respective products. If A had already done thorough

    inspection upon receiving the goods, but then found out problems that could only be found while using

    the product, please notify us immediately. Any notification made by A in this context shall thoroughly

   describe the conditions under which the defect has arisen in order to facilitate the diagnostic of the defect.


4. Unless Magura require to return the product, A should leave the product in its place. If the product is

    said to be defected after evaluation, A should sent the defective Products to us upon delivery of the replacement.

    Should a part no longer be available, it will be replace with a part that most closely matches it.


5. Transportation and insurance costs for defective parts returned to us shall be at A charge. Magura would pay for

    the cost of Transportation and insurance for parts replaced or repaired by us.


6. MAGURA warranty shall not apply to defects arising from or connected with A failure to operate or maintain

    the Products in accordance with our specifications and documentation. The warranty can expire when:


     (1) Any combination of the Products with equipment, material, products or systems not furnished, not approved or

          not specifically recommended by us.


     (2) Or any modification of the products performed by others (e.g. painting, drilling holes...)


     (3) Or any accident, vandalism, negligence or handling errors causing damage to the Products.




            a. Accident: accidentally fall while riding or any other artificial damage that leads to product damage.

            b. Sabotage: Product defection due to faulty errors or intended destruction

            c. Negligence: Not following the suggestions of Magura to do inspections among products or regular

                maintainence and repair after riding, which leads to product damage or accelerate product’s durability.

            d. Wrong usage: not following the instructions written on the Manual or using inappropriate tools which results

                in product damage.


     (4) Or normal wear and tear. (e.g. Brake pads, oil tubing...)


     (5) Or defective installation .


     (6) Or removing the serial number or rendering it illegible.


     (7) Or use of non-original MAGURA hydraulic fluids.


     (8) Or damage in transit or loss.


     (9) Please clean the sand or the remains (such as sweat) on your Magura Compnents rightafter your ride.


Client should increase the frequency of maintainence according to their riding environment to avoid dust or foreign substance from entering the hydraulic braking system, which may lead to inferior damage and further shorten the product life span.


A Warranty claim can only be processed if accompanied by a purchase receipt from the retailer/distributor.