Thanks for many eventful years of great racing with the Gehrig twins! Caro and Anita have been part of the MAGURA family for many years and have achieved unprecedented success in the EWS. A look back at 10 years of Enduro World Series and farewell. We wish both all the best!


Personal review of the Gehrig twins...


From humble beginnings to podium contenders - the Enduro World Series has brought us around the globe. Looking back, we never could have imagined the adventures ahead when we lined up for the very first EWS in Punta Ala in 2013. We had just discovered this beautiful discipline and scored our first successes at European races. When the EWS was born, we immediately knew we had to be part of it. This was our ticket to discover the world on two wheels!



Fast forward 10 years: we have taken part in over 50 Enduro World Series races, and have scored over 20 top 5 results and 4 podiums. Along the way, we have felt the pain of falling short, crashing big, and breaking bones. It only taught us the true meaning of grit and love for racing the best trails around the world. Best of all, we could share it with friends who will last a lifetime. Racing alongside our idols Anne Caro Chausson, Tracey Mosley, and many other stars from several mountain bike disciplines, we were still discovering our recipe for global success. Our passion for racing has not ended, but our wonder about what else there is to discover has brought us to a new adventure.



In June 2022, we opened Flem Mountain Lodge (a hotel) in our hometown of Flims, Switzerland. It is a place where we combine our passion for hospitality and biking. It is a change of paths, and a goodbye to our professional racing career, but an opportunity to explore even more in the future. Our life on two wheels will continue with select races such as the Stone King Rally and Swiss Enduro Series, and the chance to expand our horizons with new experiences on the gravel bike


It is true that you can only really appreciate what you have experienced when you take a step back. We are forever grateful to the Enduro World Series for providing a pathway to follow our dream and pursue careers as professional mountain bikers. We look forward to seeing how the sport continues to evolve and watching as the future stars emerge.




Caro: “While on paper Anita had more success, what those results don’t show is me showing her the fast and daring lines in the first place ;-). I feel like we both contributed equally to the success of each other.”

“I’m proud to say I think my fellow racers will remember be both as a fierce competitor, and someone they can count on for the after party.”

Anita: “The emotions that came with racing on the highest level will be missed, what I won’t miss is international emergency rooms!” ;-)

“The past ten years were such a huge learning curve- the sport taught me a never give up attitude that will be useful for the rest of my life.”



Worst EWS race: Val d’Isère - we call it Val de Misère. EWS still had a lot to learn and we started in such thick fog that half of the field got lost on the stage, as we all crossed the finish line we still got a result.



The race in Colombia in 2018 was the most epic travel experience. The vibrant colors, the jungle, the coffee plantations, the epic mud battle, a frenetic crowd, and a broken body from the previous race in Chile. Keep on trucking!



We will miss our traveling family and cherish the friendships formed on the circuit forever. The bonding goes deep when you go through all the ups and downs together (literally;-)). Traveling and meeting up with our international racing family around the world was a gift.




Being in this adventure together meant having a training partner, travel, and riding buddy always on hand, which made it so much easier to keep on working and progressing together.



Worst EWS race: Val d’Isère - we call it Val de Misère. EWS still had a lot to learn and we started in such thick fog that half of the field got lost on the stage, as we all crossed the finish line we still got a result.



During the first two years of EWS, we raced on Specialized and SRAM. Working full-time during the months off, studying, and training meant a lot of juggling.



To finish off our EWS career in Switzerland was incredible: friends and family were all there to celebrate the end of an era with us.


We want to thank every single one of our supporters along the way, you have made it possible for us to live our dreams.


To all the youngsters out there:

“All your dreams can come true if you have the courage to pursue them!”