5th win in a row for Team Chiru-MAGURA Joachim Mendler


Team CHIRU-MAGURA master of the 24 hrs ! 

24hrs riding non-stop seems like a never-ending and painful ride.....not for the winne Joachim Mendler ! Following the 24 Hrs World Championship, Joachim Mendler had to take a revenge on his favourite distance !


Fully prepared and relaxed, the young rider from Aix-en-Provence smashed the competition at the largest 24hr French MTB competition by completing 57 laps, 450km with only a 2mins stop !! A 5 laps gap with the second rider gives an idea of his solid performance !

"The course was taken counter clockwise this year, it suited me very well, and it helps also to ride a somehow different course. I have been returning for 5 times, but just can't get enough of this course, I just love to ride it on and on, night and day !! LOL..." Mendler reported after the race.