MAGURA Gustav PRO & Easy Link




GUSTAV is back! Because sometimes size does matter, we have taken many parts to a new level. These include our innovative EASY LINK technology for your brake hose.


More than 25 years after the legendary GUSTAV M disc brake, we're going one better! Developed for use on e-MTB, gravity and SUV bikes, the new GUSTAV PRO offers unprecedented stability and particularly low maintenance requirements.



With the GUSTAV PRO, we are integrating our EASY LINK technology into the brake master of a disc brake for the first time. This means you can attach or detach your hose to the brake master at any time and without special tools. But EASY LINK has so many more advantages!



With double the oil volume in the expansion reservoir (7 ml), we have done everything we can to ensure that bleeding is rarely necessary. If the worst does happen, our new bleed valve ensures that it is a clean affair. The oil channel has no dead-end streets or dangerous corners so that you can relax and catch every air bubble.



With the new MDR-S 2.5 rotors, braking with the GUSTAV is quieter than ever! The optimized friction ring design and the high rigidity of the thick rotor ensure low-vibration and particularly quiet braking, even under high loads.
And lengthy braking is a thing of the past: GUSTAV gets you up to speed without a time-consuming bedding-in protocol. Ride off and enjoy a smooth ride right from the start after a short run-in.
Thanks to less heat development, glazing of the brake pads is particularly unlikely.



Extra thick brake pads with 40 % more volume.