Review – MAGURA Storm HC, Storm SL and Storm Rotor Review


The MAGURA Storm HC rotor is stiffer and stronger than it’s brethren and offers well-modulated deceleration, enhanced cooling properties, fade resistance, improved durability, and optimized friction performance for superb brake power.

The new Storm HC rotor was designed for extreme use for exceptional braking performance under high braking forces, and they’re ideal for heavy duty use, including All-Mountain, Enduro, and Freeride. The 2mm thick laser cut steel rotor offers a higher stability and mechanical stiffness, has an optimized wear and noise ratio, maximized performance characteristics and enhanced cooling performance in multiple conditions all of which work in synergy for a prodigious amount of brake power.

To cover the new Storm HC properly, I am also providing my findings of Magura’s Storm and Storm SL rotors for a cross-comparison of all of their current rotor lineup. Each of the rotors has distinct characteristics, though none of them will overtly improve braking, make it easier or magically perform stopping, etc. The brakes themselves are still the primary component of the system. The rotors just have different flavors that offer surprisingly profound differences, each with unique properties that can provide the user functional and beneficial aspects during braking.

Testing methodology: I rode each of the rotors for hundreds of hours each and kept mental track of each of their characteristics. I was using both the Magura MT5 and MT7 brakes which are mirror images of each other for performance and feel, so I had a base level to evaluate them from. I tend to ride the same local terrain regularly so I was able to ascertain minute differences between each of the rotors over a period of time.