Vyron eLECT

Vyron eLECT


The wireless eLECT system not only drops the saddle height at the touch of a button, it is also easy to fit it to another bike in a flash.

No cables, no laborious cable routing. The VYRON eLECT Seatpost with wireless remote control is a technical trailblazer and received ‘Gold’ in the Design & Innovation Award 2016.


Technical Details

● Travel: 100mm, 125mm, 150 mm(stepless)
● Length: 396mm, 421mm, 446mm
● Installation height: 57-207mm
● Saddle clamp: 2 bolt system
● Weight: 595g
● Diameters available: 30.9mm, 31.6mm
● Charging unit: Micro-USB
● Charging time: App. 3h
● Actuations: App. 400 uses
● Remote Trigger: Wireless Remote Control


You will have...

● Wireless.
● Stepless adjustment.
● Plug N' play.