MAGURA MT C5 – braking power and ease of use for urban and light MTB use.

The powerful and low-maintenance disc brake for urban use.

Full braking power, ease of use and low maintenance for urban to light MTB use. The MT C5 has all the genes of the proven MT5 and complements them with features for carefree and easy urban use!

Technical Details

● Scope of Use: City, Allroad, Light MTB

● Weight: 295 g
● Material Master: CARBOTECTURE ®
● Material Lever Blade: 3-Finger-Carbotecture
● Hydraulic: Yes
● Brake Medium: Royal Blood (Mineral oil based)
● EBT(Easy Bleed Technology): Yes
● Banjo Fitting: Yes
● 4-Piston: Yes
● Reach Adjust: Yes
● Flip-Flop: Yes
● Shift Mix: Yes (optional)
● Recommended Rotor: MDR-C / MDR-P / MDR-CL
● Tubing: MAGURA disctube
● eBike Switch: No
● Mounting: PM
● Colors: Black


Ergonomic & Carefree

User-friendly ergonomics: The transmission ratio and ergonomic features of the MAGURA MT C are perfectly matched to the requirements of urban and all-road biking. With its clearly defined bite point, low manual force requirements and simple modulation, the MT C gives riders a feeling of safety and absolute control in all situations, with or without electric power.

Carefree brake performance: The all-new axial master cylinder of the MAGURA MT C relies on an enlarged expansion reservoir that reduces the risk of air being trapped in the system and ensures reliable long-term operation. The setup with durable and quiet SPORT brake pads also makes a telling contribution to the carefree qualities of the brake.

Proven performance

Proven MAGURA 4-piston braking power: High deceleration values for safe stops in urban and all-road biking.
Based on the award-winning MAGURA MT that generates stable braking power without overheating.

Optimized for e-bikes: Together with the “MAGURA e-bike optimized” components, the MT C is quite simply predestined for use on e-bikes. Quiet SPORT brake pads with short running-in times and reinforced MDR-P or MDR-C rotors prevent premature wear, ensuring constant braking performance even for bikes with electric power.