MT5 – Award-winning introduction to the Gravity segment

The price-performance wonder in the gravity segment: The MT5 offers excellent braking performance at an unbeatable price. Whether in bike parks, in enduro use or on the home trail – the MT5 is up to all challenges.


Technical Details

● Scope of Use:Gravity, Enduro, E-MTB
● Weight: 255 g
● Material Master: Carbotecture®, Flip-Flop-Design
● Material Lever Blade: 2-Finger HC, Aluminum
● Material Caliper: Aluminum
● Hydraulic: Yes
● Brake Medium: Royal Blood (mineral oil based)
● EBT: Yes
● Banjo Fitting: Yes
● 4-Piston: Yes
● Reach Adjust: Yes - Trox T25
● Flip-Flop: Yes
● Shift Mix: Yes (Optional)
● Remote Mix: Yes (Optional)
● Recommended Rotor: Storm HC, MDR-C, MDR-P
● Lever Blade: 2-Finger, 4-Finger (opt.), 2-Finger ball-end (opt.), 4-Finger ball-end (opt.)
● Tubing: MAGURA disc tube
● eBike Switch: No
● Mounting: PM/IS
● Colors: Black (Master), Black (Caliper)

● Retrofit Accessories: 1-Finger HC lever 1-Finger HC Loic Bruni 2-Finger lever 3-Finger ball-end 4-Finger lever


You will have...

The radial design of the brake master ensures low friction, reducing transmission losses. It also enables the conversion of (small/large) transmission ratios, which improves modulation and control.



● Braking performance doesn't have to be expensive
With the MT5 you save money and still get the performance you need.The 4-piston brake calliper forged in one piece has a high degree of rigidity, resulting in outstanding braking force and the best possible modulation.