HS22 – The care-free brake

The care-free brake par excellence:

The HS22 is designed for the needs of city and trekking riders. Its features include a high level of safety and maintenance-free operation.

Technical Details

● Scope of Use: Trekking, City

● Weight: 480 g
● Material Master: Carbotecture®
● Material Lever Blade: 3-Finger, Carbotecture®
● Material Caliper: Aluminum
● Hydraulic: Yes
● Brake Medium: Royal Blood(mineral oil based)
● EBT(Easy Bleed Technology): Yes
● TPA(Turbo Pad Adjust): Yes
● Brake Booster: Yes
● Reach Adjust: Yes
● Shift Mix: Yes
● Tubing: MAGURA tube
● eBike Switch: No
● Mounting: Cantilever EVO2, Easy Mount
● Colors: Black




Tool-free resetting in the event of pad wear and the closed hydraulic system of the proven HS technology make the HS22 a totally care-free brake.

Thanks to MAGURA Royal Blood mineral oil, you don’t need to change the brake fluid – and mechanical wear is a thing of the past.

Proven ergonomics

The robust Carbotecture brake master lowers the total weight of the brake without compromising on durability.

This makes the HS22 one of the most reliable rim brakes on the market – and it won’t balk at any descent.